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Hetty at Bergen Belsen 70th Anniversay

Hetty joined a scattering of other old survivors and British soldiers at Bergen Belsen this year. Numbers are dwindling but it was obvious that many of 2nd generation and relatives of survivors came to show their respects in this year of great significance. It is the 70th year commemoration of the liberation of Belsen. In sometimes pouring rain the tributes of respect continued. Hetty noticeable in her hot pink coat was followed around this year not only by some fans who continue to come up to her during her walks but also by Channel Seven. We will see this footage in the near future.


Hetty on Netherlands TV on RTL

Hetty is gaining a great fan base in the Netherlands. Last night on Late Night, (RTL) Hetty had an extended interview of over 24 minutes and from all accounts people wanted more. “The reaction has been wonderful” Hetty said via phone yesterday on route to Paris.!/rtl-late-night-301978/977f0e82-8067-d59f-a0cd-c78978f51e63

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