Hetty with Mike Lanchin Senior Producer Witness BBC World Service

The Month of April 2018 was a very busy time for Hetty. There was the opening of the Children’s Exhibition in Bergen Belsen, the flight over, in itself, quite a long journey from Australia and BBC Documentaries to be made about remembering Belsen, (the British liberated Belsen), a Radio piece and a segment for BBC World Service, Witness with Hetty as the subject.

During her stay at Jan Tabak in Bussum, Mike Lanchin a Senior Producer/Presenter at the BBC World Service for Witness came ahead for a few days to interview Hetty to begin the process of discussing a difficult topic. After a few days of getting to know each other the two became friends. There is a lovely image of the BBC Crew but nothing with Mike and so we would like to share a lovely picture of Mike with Hetty, after those few days of the pre amble for the shows ahead.