Courtesy of the National Archives Australia.

Hetty’s Appointment to the Ethnic Affairs Council in 1977

It almost seems inconceivable that there was ever a time in Australian history, when there was a need to gain an understanding, of different Ethnicities. A vision of how to smoothly integrate the vastly growing New Australian population, into the typical Aussie life style was formulated, by the late great Malcolm Fraser. Michael MacKellar was the Minister for Immigration and it was he, who appointed Hetty to the Ethnic Affairs Council.

On Australia Day 1977, the Australian Ethnic Affairs Council was created which changed the entire social structure of Australia. Their recommendations called The Green Paper was accepted by both sides of Parliament without any alterations in 1978. Even today one can find much evidence of this effect.

The Australian Ethnic Affairs Council was divided into 4 Committees. Hetty was part of the Committee for Public Consultation and Ethnic Media and it was their recommendation to establish SBS.

Hetty Verolme, a Dutch migrant, had become successful and had shown how to easily integrate multiculturalism, into the Australian way of life. She was awarded the Most Successful Migrant award in 1972. Hetty became part of the Inaugural Ethnic Affairs Council in 1977 and held the office for three years, until 1980. Appointed to Ethnic Affairs Council


Photo – Courtesy of the National Archives Victoria.  (Museum Victoria)

Hetty seen here unpacking the imported Dutch goods in readiness for the 1st Dutch Festival in Adelaide. Hetty was also the first female President for the Netherlands Society in Adelaide a position she held for nearly a decade.