The Children’s House of Belsen

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Published by Werma Pty Ltd. A Trustee for “The Children Of Belsen Trust”

The Children’s House of Belsen
ISBN: 978-0-9922973-0-5

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During the Holocaust the young Hetty was rounded up by the Nazis and sent for 14 long months to Belsen Concentration Camp. Hetty and her two little brothers were forcefully separated from their parents.

This is her story; how she as one of the eldest children had to become the ‘Little Mother’ not only taking care of her two brothers but also forty young children living in Barrack 211 known as ‘The Children’s House of Belsen’.

At fourteen-years-old, an unimaginable task amidst the inhu­mane conditions of hunger, cold, sickness death and despair, she kept up her spirits. A truly remarkable story of a young girl’s determination